Driver Mp287 Windows 7

Driver Mp287 Windows 7.

Canon Pixma MP287
is an all-in-one printer. It has a print, scan, and copy feature. If you are looking for the original Canon MP287 driver download link, then your search ends here. We are providing you with the Canon MP287 driver software download link in the page’s download section below, for Windows XP, 7, 8, Windows 10, 8.1 for 32bit & 64bit versions, Linux and various Mac 10.0 to 10.15 operating systems. This driver link would be useful for those who have lost their driver & software CD which came with the printer.

While installing this printer using this driver, you don’horizon need to install Canon MP287 scanner driver separately because the scan driver is already present in the driver combo pack.

Recently, Windows 10 selokan released. As you all know, how the Windows 10 32-bit / 64-bit updates frequently. In some cases, Windows 10 loses connectivity with the Canon Pixma MP287 printer. In this case, we suggest you to please reinstall the printer driver to get the updated the Canon MP287 drivers for Windows 10 as well.

This printer driver contains: The printer driver & software, scanner driver and its essential software, so that you can easily scan the document using its scan software.

Steps to Download mp287 Driver

In our list of operating systems given below,
click on the download link
in front of your preferred OS to
get your full version Canon mp287 driver
setup file.

Drivers List

Canon Pixma mp287 driver software CD

Download Driver CD


Don’kaki langit get confused with the MP287 and MP280 cermin numbers. The Canon MP280 printer is the primary series (parent) of Canon MP287 printer. All the printers in this series use the primary series driver. Eventually, the Canon MP280 driver will work flawlessly with the Canon MP287 printer, as all the child-printers have the same card (motherboard) that is in the primary series printer.


  • Canon MP287 driver for
    Windows XP
    (32-bit) → Download
  • Canon MP287 driver for
    Windows XP
    (64-bit) → Download
  • Canon MP287 driver for
    Windows Vista
    (32-bit / 64-bit) → Download
  • Canon MP287 driver for
    Windows 7
    (32-bit/64-bit) → Download
  • Canon MP287 driver for
    Windows 8, 8.1
    (32-bit/64-bit) → Download
  • Canon MP287 driver for
    Windows 10
    (32-bit/64-bit) → Download
  • Canon MP287 driver for
    Windows 11
    (32-bit/64-bit) → Download
  • Canon MP287 driver for
    Windows Server
    (32-bit/64-bit) → Download
  • Canon MP 287 driver for
    Linux, Ubuntu
    → Download
  • Canon MP 287 driver for
    macOS (11 Big Sur)
    → Printer Driver / Scanner Driver
  • Canon MP 287 driver for
    macOS (10.7 to 10.15)
    → Printer Driver / Scanner Driver
  • Canon PIXMA MP287 driver for
    Mac 10.5 and 10.6
    → Download
  • Canon PIXMA MP287 driver for
    Mac 10.4, 10.5
    → Download
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  • Download the driver directly from the Canon Pixma MP 287 official website.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows XP 32-bit / 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit / 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit / 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit / 64-bit, Windows 8.1 32-bit / 64-bit, Windows 10 32-bit / 64-bit, Server 2000 to 2019 32-bit / 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.0 to 10.15 Catalina, Linux, Ubuntu.

Benefits of a fully-featured driver:

The official Canon MP287 full driver installer is the best support software for this device. The full driver installer/package contains drivers for both the scanner and the printer of this all-in-one. Therefore, you don’t have to load drivers separately on your computer. This saves you a lot of time and makes the whole download and installation process simple.

Also, this driver package consists of Canon software, such as Full HD Print, MP Navigator, a photo editing software, Easy WebPrint EX and Easy Photo Print app for Android smartphones. Therefore, you don’falak have to go for any special software download options to have these software as they will get installed by default with this full driver installer.

Steps to Install Canon MP287 Printer Driver



The driver installation manual of your printer driver describes the steps to load the driver properly on your computer. Therefore, read the manual before starting the driver installation.

Below are the steps to know how you can install install mp287 printer on your computer:

  • How to set-up printer and scanner driver (With Installer)
  • How to install printer drivers manually (Without Installer)
  • How to install driver manually (Basic Driver)

Importance of Driver Compatibility

Compatibility of a printer driver is important for its proper connectivity with your computing device. If you load a driver that is not fully compatible with your printer, then you will be unable to get efficient performance from your printer. Therefore, we have only shared the full feature Canon MP287 driver download links of the official Canon website, which are fully compatible with their respective OS.

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Update Driver Periodically

Periodically updating your Canon MP287 series driver with its latest version is necessary for the proper functioning of your printer. That’s because the latest version of a printer driver is released after removing all the known bugs in its previous version. Thereby, ensuring that your printing device will have better connectivity with your computer, which will help in improved execution of the print jobs.

Preventing Driver Conflicts

Drive conflicts can adversely affect the performance of your printing device and sometimes create problems in the working of your computer. The simplest way of preventing driver conflict is by uninstalling all the unnecessary drivers from your computer before you start the installation of your new driver.

Canon MP287 Features

This multi-function inkjet printer from Canon combines simplicity and versatility with attractive looks. Despite using low capacity cartridges, this printer can deliver small cost per print, thus, making it an economical printing device. The elegance and simplicity of this printer makes printing, copying and scanning jobs easier for you.

You can print your favorite frame of any video you shoot from your camera by using Full HD Movie Print. This feature truly improves your creative options. The seven segment LED panel of this printer has a soft power button and also lets you select from three predefined paper sizes.

The top loading type Flatbed scanner of this all-in-one is designed to scan A4 sized sheets at optical resolutions of 1200 x 2400 dpi. The scanner uses Contact Image Pengawasan (CIS) technology to deliver a color bit depth of 48/24 bits for color scans and 16/8 bits for monochrome scans. The scanner can scan an A4 sized full color document in just 15 seconds.

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The Canon MP287 all-in-one offers incredible print speed. The ISO umbul-umbul print speed for this printer is 8.4 ipm for black prints and 4.8 ipm for color prints. The first print out time for this printer is 60 seconds (for mono prints) and it can print a photo in just 43 seconds. The Border-less printing feature of this printer allows you to print pictures without sidelines on all four sides. The printer doesn’t provide a wireless connectivity option and the only option available is that of USB 2.0 connectivity.

  • Print, Scan and Copy functions
  • Canon Inkjet Technology
  • FINE Cartridge Print Head
  • Import photos directly from Flickr
  • Full HD print
  • 7 Segment LED
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Automatic opening tray
  • Paper tray capacity 100 pages

Ink Cartridge Details

This Canon MP287 printer uses one Black (PG-810) ink cartridge which can print up to 220 pages per cartridge and one Tri-color (CL-811) ink cartridge which can print nearly 244 pages per cartridge.

Questions & Answers

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How do I scan a document?

Scanning from the printer is so simple. You just need to execute the
scan utility
that is installed along with the drivers. If you haven’t installed it yet then install the full feature driver of MP287 printer. After that,
put the paper
on the flatbed of the scanner and click on the
scan button
on the computer screen, and your printer will menginjak scanning the document. Now, it will ask you to
save the file
and save it to the location you want. That’s it. For more details, check out this video latihan.


Driver Mp287 Windows 7


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